A perennial problem for Highways and Signals Engineers is the secure routing of signal and data cables across road on bridge decks. The shallow depth of the metalled surface often leads to complicated and expensive re routing. Combined with the need not to compromise waterproofing often leaves the services exposed to damage or vandalism. A service duct solution was needed that was cost effective and comparatively easy to install.

The Servisafe Data Duct

Blackburn & Roberts proudly offer the Servisafe data and services duct which is a strong a secure rolled steel unit. It's socketed ends provides a quick, simple, robust and long terms solution to the problem of cable and service routing.




The material can be readily cut on site for a perfect fit and it can be incorporated into the surface. Its rugged steel construction will deal with the loads applied to it with ease and the galvanised finish provides long life and excellent adhesion to the binders.




As with all of our products our ingenious clients have developed further uses for the highly flexible product and we have responded to their specific projects by adding to the range of sections and our standard units have been augmented with additional units.




We welcome calls to discuss new applications or to seek advice on the solution of potential problems. Our commitment to solve your problems by development of the system is reliable and continuing.




Why Servisafe?

  • Rugged steel construction for long life
  • Slow curves can be easily achieved
  • Joggles can be supplied to bypass any obstructions
  • Appropriate sealants and fixings are available
  • Professional advice is readily available from our team of experts


Servisafe Case Study

As part of the site redevelopment of a former steel complex in South Wales we were asked to assist in the upgrade of the road system. New signal cables needed to pass across a concrete bridge deck parallel to the road which would traditionally have been an involved and difficult task.




A channel was cut in the concrete and Servisafe service ducts were laid in the bed of the excavation. Special units were made to accommodate changes in level. The system was then interfaced with the existing services and the site was made good