Kinghurst Bypass Kerb

The increased use of road humps in traffic calming schemes sometimes creates drainage problems. A road hump can act as a dam and create embarrassing lakes. If gaps are left to maintain gutter continuity these present a hazard to pedestrians who like to cross at road humps.

Kinghurst Bypass Kerb


The Kinghurst bypass kerb addresses this problem by removing a section of the existing kerb and replacing it with a duct which collects the rainwater on one side of the hump, diverts it past the obstacle and returns it to the gutter once the hump has been passed.The units can be used with humps constructed from any commonly used materials.The bypass kerbs are installed after removing the kerb for the full length of the kerb plus 250mm at each end. This is to allow water to enter and leave the unit.

The units are highly adaptable and can be used in locations with a wide range of kerb depths. Standard units are 100mm deep. Other units available include 75mm and 150mm. Intermediate sizes are accommodated by sinking the units partially into the surface.The units have anchor brackets welded to the underside. These are cast into a bed of concrete to retain the units against vertical movement. The units are restrained against horizontal movements by the footpath on one side, and the hump on the other.




The units are particularly useful with raised footpath crossings.Smooth transitions are easily achieved with all kerb profiles often without the need for drop kerbs. Slow curves can be dealt with by using short lengths and laying them slightly out of line, like laying kerbs on curves. These short lengths must be specified when placing an order as we assume units will be used in a straight line.

- The unit is fabricated from steel to BS 4360 and galvanised to BS 729

- The overall dimensions of the unit are 100 X 100mm, other none standard sections can be supplied as required

- The units are held in place by anchor brackets under the unit which are cast into a bed of concrete

- The unit can be supplied in any length required. If the overall length of the humps is greater than 3m, the unit is supplied in lengths which are butt jointed on site using a bed of mastic

- We aim to deliver in 2 weeks from receipt of written order and we make every effort to improve on this if customers' needs are more urgent

- An effective section of 8500 is difficult to block but if blockage occurs the duct can be easily rodded or jetted

- The risk of transit or site damage is eliminated. Thrown from a wagon the units bounce!

- With no time consuming joints to make and no loose parts the system is highly user friendly