Cattle grids look deceptively simple to build. Anyone who has tried to specify one knows differently. Blackburn & Roberts Ltd have developed a modular range of cattle grids to suit every location. All units are made from steel to BS 4360 and hot dip galvanised to BS 729.

Our cattle grid designs are animal friendly. Rails are in profiles which minimise injury to stock which tangle with the unit. Escape routes are provided for hedgehogs and other small animals which fall into it. Cattle Grids are used in a wide variety of locations. We have units appropriate to every location whether Domestic, Highway, Off Highway or Heavy Industrial.

Cycling is continuing to grow and is attracting a wider range of people. Cycleways crossing fields create corridors for animals to move along creating problems and leading to fouled trackways and irate farmers.
It is important to remember that large vehicles need to be able to access most homes, occasionally, to make deliveries or for house moves. Provision needs to be made for these occasions when selecting the most suitable grid type. Domestic Cattle grids consist of a steel tubular section fabricated grid which is supported at the ends and at intervals across the pit on sleeper walls.
Designed to carry loads from 18 tons to 40 tons our range of agricultural cattle grids are highly durable and suitable for any agricultural environment where the movement of sheep, cattle and other animals needs to be controlled.
Our all welded modules can be used to great effect in new build cattle grids for highways. We are happy to adapt our cattle grid design to overcome any problem on the site – just contact us to discuss the situation. Units comply with HA Loading and units have been supplied with up to 20 units of HB Loading. Units can also be supplied to replace existing grids. These can be made either to our own design or to match a style preferred by the client....
Off Highway Cattle Grids are installed by excavating a pit and installing drainage. An appropriate quantity of ballast is then placed into the pit and compacted level. The unit is lifted off the delivery vehicle and placed in position. The void round it is back filled. The cattle grid can be dismantled to reduce the weight and permit the use of smaller excavators. Once the grid is in position it can be used immediately. Excellent edge finishing can be achieved if the track is surfaced.
Heavy Industrial Cattle Grids are suitable for the heaviest loading and have been supplied to Water Treatment Plants receiving regular chemical tanker deliveries.