Cyclists and Cattle Grids

Posted on: 13 January 2020

Why is the incidence of injuries to cyclists on cattle grids increasing? It is difficult to strip out the number of cyclists injured on Cattle Grids from the general accident statistics. This is a matter which should be addressed to inform Public Policy. The absence of this important data means there is no evidence base to determine if these is a problem. However there are so many more reports in the Press and as Highways Engineers we are seeing more example of it in our daily activities. There is a growing swell of complaint arising from the Cycling Community and it would appear that something is happening. So why is this happening? The initial reaction is “More cyclists mean more incidents”. Although this is statistically probable there are many other potential factors. These can be divided into 2 groups of potential contributors. Changes to users Grid Related issues The first group is beyond the scope of this article. We will focus on the Gri...

Still a regular choice - Reliable old KInghurst Bypass Kerb

Posted on: 04 September 2019

At Blackburn and Roberts we listen to our Clients .Decades ago we attended the first HAUK Conference and Exhibition. A banner on our stand read  If you can draw it we can make it." and an Engineer from Solihull Council took us at our word. We made the first bypass kerb units for them and they became an industry standard for almost 20 years. In some locations we now offer an anti slip surface as an option. There are fewer Kerb to Kerb Humps these days but the product still remains a popular and economic solution.

Economical bridges

Posted on: 03 September 2019

To the lovely Ayrshire Coast to carry out a Feasibility Study for a private client.Could not miss the opportunity to view an old site - Stevenson Beach. We built this almost 30 years ago. Fighting winter gales and carrying decks 3 miles along beach with large tracked excavator. Good to see it still undamaged by storms and large waves and with anti slip decking still intact Walker enjoying viewing platform and wonderful summer weather. Galvanising and foundation still in excellent condition after decades of exposure to weather and daily sand blast

What is the best kind of bridge for my needs?

Posted on: 27 August 2019

In order to make a choice we need to make some assumptions and if these assumptions prove wrong we will make a bad decision. For example if we assume access to the site is simple and it is accessible to large vehicles is practical we may decide to lift ina bridge complete.If it turns out that we were wrong a self assembly kit bridge to be assembled in-situ would have been the correct choice. This is only one of a huge number of issues which need to be balanced when reaching a decision. This is the reason we advocate Feasibilitiy Studies. A visit by an Engineer with the relevant experience and a brief report will cost a few hundreds of pounds. This would then allow any competent manager to move the job forward with confidence able to make informed decisions.     A wooden bridge will almost certainly be the most economic solution to small pedestrian and cycleway bridges.         These are available in tropical hardwood...

What is the impact of deer?

Posted on: 20 August 2019

  The absence of a natural predator and difficulties hunting has led to an explosion in the deer population. They will eat almost anything vaguely green and can devastate crops, gardens and woodland - almost over night. They are more agile and can jump further than most domestic stock. In order to cope with this the length of grids needs ot be increased by 50 per cent. Any fences provided need to be higher and these need to be more securely fixed as the weight of a deer if it rests on the top of the fence can disturb or break badly fixed fences.    

Thirtieth Birthday

Posted on: 14 August 2019

Thirtieth Birthday for Rowsander Path Pipe It is a long time since Salford City Council's (Sainted) Tommy Hambridge, thenWorks Manager of the DLO asked us to make a unit to carry water from downspouts accross the kerb instead of discharging it onto the foot way. It has been a priceless servant to the Highways Drainage Professional ever since. Its adaptability has proved amazing and demand is still growing. We get orders for single units, orders for stock in Highways Stores ( to allow a fast response) and orders for Major Projects were users specify it based on its long established record of performance.

New Website Launched

Posted on: 14 June 2018

We're very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you find it easier to use than the previous site. Thanks very much to the guys over at 10th Dimension for their help in producing it. We love it! We hope you do to.   Scott