What is a Catch Pit?

I am sure you have noticed that our weather in changing? When it rains it does so more intensively. Today in South Wales at The Mumbles 68mm (two and a half inches) fell in 24 hours.


When this happens it can overwhelm drainage systems if there are any.


In rural areas roads become rivers as the water runs off fields to add to the water which has fallen on the rad itself.

With the drains choked the water will run downhill until it finds a route off the road. If you are unlucky this may be into your drive. Hundreds of gallons can flood into your property and if you are unlucky into your home.


There are some measures you can take to reduce the impact. One is to collect the water as it comes into your property and divert it ideally back off your property away from vulnerable places. A catch pit does this.

The unit needs to be able to cope with high in coming flows but also needs to be strong enough to cope with relevant traffic which needs to pass over it.


Adequate drainage from the catch pit is essential.