What are the best value bridges?

What are the best value bridges?

There are two costs to take into account when looking at a the purchase of bridge.

Firstly the Capital Cost to buy and install the bridge. This will be minimised if the foundations are provided by the bridge deck supplier. Most manufacturers do not offer this service but can put you in touch with a specialist installer. Joined up projects are the least problematic.

Secondly the future maintenance costs of the bridge over its life. Decisions taken at the procurement stage will impact the bridge all through its life.

Sadly vandalism is an increasing issue.

Money to maintain bridges is and is likely to remain in short supply.

There is little doubt that steel bridges last longer than timber ones and even longer if galvanied rather than painted. They are less prone to vandalism other than graffiti.


Steel bridges do not burn.


Your Bridge designer thinks that steel bridges with a galvanised finish are much the most economic solution over the “whole life” of the bridge.