Galvanise Or Paint

At some point the finish on the steelwork arises on every project.

The choice is between painting or galvanising.

Our clients favour galvanising. This is a process which offers the best long term protection. Painting is less resistant to vandalism and when it is vandalised it looks worse than a galvanised finish.

Both finishes look good with wooden deck and parapet

When we make trusses the galvanising gets inside the sections and stops them rusting from the inside out.

Installers also prefer the galvanised finish as it is less prone to damage during delivery and installation.

When used by Utility Companies they prefer the galvanised effect.

Future Maintenance costs are a major issue. It is difficult and expensive to repaint a bridge in position. Preventing pollution of the river/reservoir is costly. A painted bridge will need a re-paint every 15/20 years but galvanised steelwork will last for up to 70 years before it needs attention.