Still a regular choice - Reliable old KInghurst Bypass Kerb

Posted on: 04 September 2019

At Blackburn and Roberts we listen to our Clients .Decades ago we attended the first HAUK Conference and Exhibition. A banner on our stand read  If you can draw it we can make it." and an Engineer from Solihull Council took us at our word. We made the first bypass kerb units for them and they became an industry standard for almost 20 years. In some locations we now offer an anti slip surface as an option. There are fewer Kerb to Kerb Humps these days but the product still remains a popular and economic solution.

Economical bridges

Posted on: 03 September 2019

To the lovely Ayrshire Coast to carry out a Feasibility Study for a private client.Could not miss the opportunity to view an old site - Stevenson Beach. We built this almost 30 years ago. Fighting winter gales and carrying decks 3 miles along beach with large tracked excavator. Good to see it still undamaged by storms and large waves and with anti slip decking still intact Walker enjoying viewing platform and wonderful summer weather. Galvanising and foundation still in excellent condition after decades of exposure to weather and daily sand blast