Why is drainage of Cattle Grids important?

Posted on: 11 March 2020

Cattle Grids drainage is often neglected. Huge amounts of silt and other debris can be quickly washed into and remain in the pit. Filled pits are the most common reason for the escape of stock.   In winter frozen water can bridge the grid and lead to dramatic stock escapes. From a road safety point of view this is an ice hazzard. Car drivers don’t mind flooded grids but cyclists have their reservations.    

Secure ducting for sensitive cables

Posted on: 04 March 2020

Routing data cables across existing concrete structures is a challenge. Due to the structural constraints digging into the surface is very constrained. Shallow excavation leaves the cable vulnerable to damage. Increasingly Telecom Engineers are using our Servicesafe Data Duct. With strength we get weight issues and we supply units in lengths which do not create difficulties with Manual Handling Regulations This incredibly robust enclosure has socketed ends. These are sealed with mastic providing a degree of flexibility in the event of ground movement. Obstacles can be bypassed with a range of standard units and we are always pleased to make non standard units in the event of Client Need. The adaptable system copes with changes in gradient. It can also handle curves and all with a weather proof permanently sealed joint The wide range of joints meets most needs and our Designers quickly develop solutions to new requirements (on the fly) and working...