Drainage: Rowsander Path Pipe

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Drainage: Rowsander Path Pipe


A safe, permanent drainage solution at a sensible price. This economic drainage pipe is quick and simple to fit and has a neat kerb edge when finished. It finishes flush with the walkway with no bumps to cause trips and no slits to catch heels. It has an attractive appearance and is less than half the cost of other alternatives available.


Quick and Easy to Install

Rowsander Path Pipes are quick to install, low maintenance units are popular wherever they are used. They can be cut on site to overcome numerous problems. The cut end can be dressed to match any kerb profile. They can be laid in all types of footpath surface. Flaggers love them, as they provide a straight edge to work with.


Weep Hole Drainage

Water coming through the walls of garden fronted property presents difficulties. Path pipes with or without inlet shoes can be installed to neatly overcome this.
Surface Over Path Pipe. In some circumstances it is practical to surface over path pipes, but even when this is not possible the visible surface has a tidy unobtrusive appearance


Neat Kerb Finish

The Rowsander Path Pipe naturally has a very neat finish, but we can also offer the same finish we use on our steel bridge decks as an options. This is a 2 pack resin with aggregate applied to the surface while it is still wet. This gives a pleasing visual effect. The colour is a neutral shade. Some clients prefer this to the grey of the untreated duct. There are other aggregates in different colours available and we will be pleased to discuss these with you if you call. Cut ends can be shaped to match kerb profiles.


Rowsander Path pipes are available in the standard depth of 100mm and 50mm units are available for use in situations where the kerb face is very shallow.