Drainage: Nib Nobbler

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Drainage: Nib Nobbler


The Nib Nobbler allows you to maintain channel continuity when nibs or build outs are constructed. Typically, they obstruct channels and create drainage problems and if gaps are left pedestrian inevitably fall into them! When no provision is made flooding often occurs.



The cost of gullies is huge and there are not always sewers to receive the water. Blackburn & Roberts now provide the answer with the Nib Nobbler. This is a duct which is built into the obstruction and provides channel continuity through it. These unobtrusive units provide a cost effective alternative to gullies.


Bitmac adheres well to the surface and the straightness of the ducts provides a good edge to lay blocks to. If clients prefer we can attach steel chequer plate to the surface. Decorative finishes can be applied using our Bridgedec system.


Block pavers love the units as they provide a straight, defined, edge to lay to and they prevent the blocks spreading over time.