Domestic Cattle Grids

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Domestic Cattle Grids

It is important to remember that large vehicles need to be able to access most homes, occasionally, to make deliveries or for house moves. Provision needs to be made for these occasions when selecting the most suitable grid type. Domestic Cattle grids consist of a steel tubular section fabricated grid which is supported at the ends and at intervals across the pit on sleeper walls.


A bearing strip coincides with the top of the sleeper wall. This ensures efficient load transfer and provides hold down fixing points. We provide a drawing showing the position of the walls with every order for Domestic Grids.
The tubes are usual circular in section but we occasionally use rectangular section when refurbishing an existing grid with levels and loads defined by the in-place pit. It is usual to provide chamfers on the edges of the sleeper walls to deter animals from trying to cross on the top of the walls.

Whisper Cattle Grid


  • User type: Domestic  
  • Model: Whisper
  • Grid bar shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Steel
  • Metal finish: Galvanized
  • Requires concrete pit?: Yes
  • Grid size: 3m across road and 2.6m along road.
  • Relevant standards: The British Standard recommends 2.6m for domestic stock but 3m along road, if controlling deer is an issue. We can supply units this size and ask that clients make their preferences clear in their enquires.
  • Loading: Highways HA Loading. This will carry a fully loaded concrete mixer if used with the correctly designed concrete pit. 

Belsize Domestic Cattle Grid


  • User type: Domestic  
  • Grid bar shape: Circular  
  • Material: Steel  
  • Metal finish: Galvanized
  • Requires concrete pit? yes  
  • Grid size: 3.7m across road and 2.6m along the road
  • Pit size: Pit will be 200 mm wider than grid and will extend 200mm along the road in each direction  
  • Relevant standards: The British Standard recommends 2.6m along the road for domestic stock and 3m along the road for deer. We can supply units in either size and we ask clients to make their preference clear in their enquiries
  • Loading: 18 Tons