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Bridge Manufacture & Design

Many construction companies think that they can build bridges. It is not a good idea to let them discover their mistake at your expense. This is a specialist activity with almost every aspect controlled by British Standard, DoT Bridge Directives and bridge design criteria. It should also be clearly understood that Insurance Policies written for general construction usually exclude working on bridges.

It is our policy to carry out all operations with our own employees. We suggest you look twice at firms who do not want to provide foundations or who use sub-contractors for this crucial operation. We feel our in-house approach is the only way to ensure quality and site safety.

Low Cost Bridges


Blackburn & Roberts provide a variety of low cost bridges which are ready to buy “off the shelf”. They are designed to fully comply with Highways Agency Bridge Codes and Euro Codes. Each bridge is supplied with a Design Certificate signed by on of our Chartered Engineers

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Bespoke Bridges


We design, manufacture and install all kinds of bridges. Our complete bridge design service includes the design and construction of the foundations if also required. Whatever your needs and whatever style you have in mind, Blackburn & Roberts are experts in designing and building your bridge from start to finish. Our service offers you that chance to commission a Feasibility Study which tends to answers the numerous questions that need to be settled before a realistic, achievable cost can be established.

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Small Bridges


Most areas have a stock of small older bridges in poor condition. We can offer a solution to this problem with a range of “off the shelf” designs. All bridges comply with BS 5400 and the relevant DoT Bridge Directives. We design for a Design Loading of 5 Kn / sq M. We issue Design Certificates with each project.

Our friendly responsive teams can take down and dispose of existing bridges, provide new or modified foundations, deliver and install the bridges. Our small bridges are available in both steel and timber.

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Trusses & Truss Bridges


If the depth of the load bearing beams under the deck becomes a problem this can be reduced by using a truss. The stiffness is supplied by the handrails and this allows significant reductions in the thickness of the deck. Trusses also have an attractive appearance and can add to the appeal of a bridge.

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Other Types of Bridge

Blackburn & Roberts specialise in manufacturing bridges to fit any purpose and their solid and sturdy construction means that they are designed for a variety of uses:

  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Cycleway Bridges
  • Off Highway Vehicle Bridges
  • Canal Bridges
  • Weir Bridges
  • Disabled Access Bridges
  • Large Bridges

All bridges that we manufacture are designed such that they can be supplied in kit form to be erected by you or your contractors.