Asa Surface Water Collection System

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Asa Surface Water Collection System

Quickly collect and direct surface water with the Asa.


The use of a  resin/pebble matrix bonded to the slotted upper surface of our ducts moves water from the footpath into the duct for disposal as if by magic.


The very large number of small, holes in the matrix maximises flow but prevents leaves and other  sources of blockage from entering the system. Our carefully specified aggravate offers high strength, resistance to wear and “street chemicals”


The units are available in stock lengths or in lengths to suit customer/site needs.


The product can be cut on site if necessary with a diamond bladed Stilh saw.  We can supply a Cold Galv Repair kit, to restore the steel protection.

The standard depth of the Asa is 125mm but other depths can be supplied if necessary.

Asa is available in 100 or 200mm widths.

We are always happy to supply none standard sections if you require them.

Units can be supplied to link together in integrated drainage systems or to discharge into drains below the surface


The units can be installed in any common footpath surface. Pavers enjoy working with them as they provide a straight edge.


WE enjoy speaking to our Clients. If you have any queries please call and we can then share the latest information about this new exciting and rapidly developing product.